Saturday, July 5, 2008

the next part of the journey - exhibiting

Our exhibition took place at the end of May and our allocated room was made ready with every wall given a white wash and display boards being put in place, Sheila was to be verified at the same time so it had to look good.

My theatre was given a special eye level plinth and looked wonderful on its own wall, Ed fixed an electric light into the theatre to give a glow onto the path through the trees ~ it made it look really special. Caterpiller sat on the Mushroom perfectly ~ relief!! I made a little cup cake from needlefelt ~ 'eat me' and a tiny bottle filled with irridescent paper for 'drink me' ~ there's also a pink flamingo nesting in the tree!

I took the following photographs tonight at 9pm ~ the late evening sun was streaming through my windows and catching the threatre where it sits in the corner of my room, I love the shadows it created streaming through the honeysuckle in my garden and just had to try and capture the effect.

I love how the light lands here on the rabbit hole and how it makes the tea party looks like it is in the middle of the trees

pink flamingo is nesting in the tree ~ can you see her?

I will give details next time on how I did the side panels and will show a photo of the Australia panel too.


Carol said...

Exquisite Judy, you have captured the magic of Alice

Julie said...

Wow! Doesn't the light bring it to life?! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! And very exciting! Have you disappeared down the rabbit hole?
;) Hope all is well, lovely, and that we'll hear from you soon...
Big Hugs, Suze xXx

Iowa Sunshine said...

Judy, This is just so neat! My favorite fairy tale. I love what you did. I'm a Judy too. =0) HUGS