Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Oh yes I've done it!!!

A fabby day all round at college, we dyed in cat litter trays and plastic bags it was awesome, I dont know what I've been scared of all these years. I've had procian dyes at home for probably 5 -6 years so I mixed up some more dye and this morning I dyed a heap more fabric and tomorrow will rinse them out. I love how yesterdays colours have come out and its a brilliant way to help you understand colour theory. I also painted my sketchbooks pages with brusho as they were way too white!!

Yesterday afternoon I did some more stitch samples on the sewing machine and great news for afew weeks time ~ we're going to do some drawing workshops!!!!!

Im also starting to think of inspiration and design now for my first project, Im thinking along the lines of my garden and whats found there, perhaps my little birds will feature, I've some photos of montbrecia; gorgeous bright orange with flashes of yellow and lime and also the ceanothus with its amazing blue blooms that look like lilac flowers and on the ground theres the beautiful purple/grey slate and the old chimney pots Jim collected for me, so many ideas ~ might work on some tomorrow!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Straight stitch sampler

I'm exploring my machine with this course and going back to basics, its good to do that ~ I do so much free machining these days, its funny going back to the beginning. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this simple sample of straight stitches!
I'm not used to sewing straight as you can probably tell, the fabric I painted myself. The threads are a mix of embroidery threads and the thicker ones I put in the bobbin and sewed from the back. There are snippets of sheers too.
Dyeing at class tomorrow!!!!!!!!
Can't wait.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

week two

Hues tones and achromatic

This week we did more colour study ~ really great exercises where a picture is used (one with quite a few different colours) and you take the colours and build up a strip picture of torn magazine pages in the quantities they appear in the photo. Then we created the oppositeOf course you are limited by the colours you find in the magazines but it makes you think about colour (the whole purpose),

Another colour study

Here we looked at how colour changes when white, grey, black and an opposite colour is added.

I also saw the computerised sewing machine which has a scanner so cant wait to draw out one of my own designs and scan it and then watch the machine create it, very excited about this!
I also used the collage Bernina a lovely machine to sew with (very solid) to do my stitch samples with.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First day of college - New Student

First day is always a bit nerve racking but we made the journey with plenty of time to spare. Dundee college is an old school and still has the old bike sheds!! On arriving it looks a bit daunting but by the end of the day Id pretty much found my way around and the atmosphere is good. All the subjects taught there are art based and the corridors have the occasional piece of art hanging on the walls. We met the tutor when we arrived and got a cuppa from the canteen!!!!! Then we spent the morning enrolling ~ filling in forms and registering with the library. The class rooms are large high ceilings, huge windows and abit chilly so Im going to have to wrap up for my classes!! there are alot of students in the class all studying at different levels and courses although all are textile based from the beginners embroidery to felt making, levels one to three of patchwork and quilting, levels one to three of embroidery and those doing research and myself doing machine embroidery.

We didnt have alot of time for pratical but managed to fit a little colour excercise in, looking at hues, tones and achromatic, having worked with colour and fabric automatically over many years its funny to start thinking purposefully about it!!

Next week were doing more colour study and then in two weeks were DYEING I have wanted to dye for so long but have never made the step to actually do it for one reason and another. The fabric we dye will be the base for our experimental stitches, so I have a list of things to collect now ~ jars (lots), strong plastic bags, cat litter trays and much more. I cant wait.

I have new sketch books too ~ I love paper and sketch books and the college offers us the chance to buy these and paper at a reduced cost. Next week Im going to but some sheets of watercolour paper ~ yummy!!

So till next week ~ Judy