Monday, September 17, 2007

Straight stitch sampler

I'm exploring my machine with this course and going back to basics, its good to do that ~ I do so much free machining these days, its funny going back to the beginning. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this simple sample of straight stitches!
I'm not used to sewing straight as you can probably tell, the fabric I painted myself. The threads are a mix of embroidery threads and the thicker ones I put in the bobbin and sewed from the back. There are snippets of sheers too.
Dyeing at class tomorrow!!!!!!!!
Can't wait.


sharon young said...

Hi Judy
I'm rapidly becomming addicted to blogging and find your' s very exciting. I love your the box and the way you photographed it. What camera do you use?
I used Janet Edmund's book to help me make the box on my web stite and found her instructions really clear. Lucky you having a class with her.


Judy Scott said...

Hi Sharon cant get a link to your blog but in answer to your question my camera is a very old Minolta, I think with photography its all about the light! This was taken outside to get the correct lighting, without using flash, thanks for the interest, Judy

sharon young said...

Hi judy
You are so right about the daylight,it's the only way to get a perfect colour likeness in your work.
I'm very new to blogging and at the moment am using a blog I set up on my website, but it may not link from a blogger site, so here's the link to the page my box is on:
I am in the process of setting up a blog with blogger so maybe tha'll be more successful.


Waltraud said...

Hi Judy, just found your second blog here, so interessting - I think I can learn with you - thanks!!