Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Oh yes I've done it!!!

A fabby day all round at college, we dyed in cat litter trays and plastic bags it was awesome, I dont know what I've been scared of all these years. I've had procian dyes at home for probably 5 -6 years so I mixed up some more dye and this morning I dyed a heap more fabric and tomorrow will rinse them out. I love how yesterdays colours have come out and its a brilliant way to help you understand colour theory. I also painted my sketchbooks pages with brusho as they were way too white!!

Yesterday afternoon I did some more stitch samples on the sewing machine and great news for afew weeks time ~ we're going to do some drawing workshops!!!!!

Im also starting to think of inspiration and design now for my first project, Im thinking along the lines of my garden and whats found there, perhaps my little birds will feature, I've some photos of montbrecia; gorgeous bright orange with flashes of yellow and lime and also the ceanothus with its amazing blue blooms that look like lilac flowers and on the ground theres the beautiful purple/grey slate and the old chimney pots Jim collected for me, so many ideas ~ might work on some tomorrow!!


Miss Frugality said...

Hi Judy.I've just found your new blog...and I'm very pleased I did.Those pictures of the fabric you dyed hanging on your line are stunning! What fun you must be having at college.

suzie q said...

How blummin' scrumptious are all those gorgeous colours & fabrics?!!
What a wonderful course of study, Jude. Beautiful way to spend your day! :D xXx

Barbara said...

Wow, a new blog ! Looking forward to your way of creativity as a student!

Boxoftrix said...

So glad to hear that you are having such a fab time at college Judy, theres enough fabric to keep you going for a while then....love the colours too!


Ro Bruhn said...

Love what you're doing Judy, You've really hit the colour button.

ominnimo said...

Hi there! Great to see you as well. Just found this, a great idea. Your fabric looks stunning. Wish it was mine. I'm looking forward to this new blog. Good luck at college.

molly jean said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful color studies!