Tuesday, October 9, 2007

24 September

I'm still studying colour with painted pages, magazine pages and threads, images are from my sketch book. I've spent more time on these at home too as I really want to get to grips with colour theory, I've played around with paint and how it mixes when really wet and then painting different types of papers and weaving them.

photograph from my garden and painted pages

zig zag sampler using a triad of colours.

What an amazing and busy day we had, last day of term and we did shaving foam marbling

and transfer dyed papers.

transfered design onto fabric

I used ready made fabric dyes which are beautiful for colouring paper and give really jewel like colours.

design exercise using dyed paper and painted paper and wallpaper

And finally I've to choose a photograph, picture or postcard with colours I love for the start of our first project we we return after the hols.


Boxoftrix said...

Wow what a burst of colour! fab pieces Judy...the first one is my favourite..it reminds me of hazy sunny days on the beach with all the colours of the rainbow there in the things people wear and carry.

suzie q said...

OMG, Jude! No wonder your head is filled to brimming with ideas! These are all so fantastic and there are hundreds of projects you could do from just one of these beauties! Such fun! Your holidays are at different times to ours, I think. Half term is next week here. Hope you had a great time with the girls, and are ready to get to work on these inspiring projects. I WISH they did these courses at our local college! Look forward to seeing what happens next...
Big Love, Suze xXx