Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First day of college - New Student

First day is always a bit nerve racking but we made the journey with plenty of time to spare. Dundee college is an old school and still has the old bike sheds!! On arriving it looks a bit daunting but by the end of the day Id pretty much found my way around and the atmosphere is good. All the subjects taught there are art based and the corridors have the occasional piece of art hanging on the walls. We met the tutor when we arrived and got a cuppa from the canteen!!!!! Then we spent the morning enrolling ~ filling in forms and registering with the library. The class rooms are large high ceilings, huge windows and abit chilly so Im going to have to wrap up for my classes!! there are alot of students in the class all studying at different levels and courses although all are textile based from the beginners embroidery to felt making, levels one to three of patchwork and quilting, levels one to three of embroidery and those doing research and myself doing machine embroidery.

We didnt have alot of time for pratical but managed to fit a little colour excercise in, looking at hues, tones and achromatic, having worked with colour and fabric automatically over many years its funny to start thinking purposefully about it!!

Next week were doing more colour study and then in two weeks were DYEING I have wanted to dye for so long but have never made the step to actually do it for one reason and another. The fabric we dye will be the base for our experimental stitches, so I have a list of things to collect now ~ jars (lots), strong plastic bags, cat litter trays and much more. I cant wait.

I have new sketch books too ~ I love paper and sketch books and the college offers us the chance to buy these and paper at a reduced cost. Next week Im going to but some sheets of watercolour paper ~ yummy!!

So till next week ~ Judy


windy angels said...

Absolutely yummy. This is all so exciting. I can hardly wait to see what you create,
Wendy XO

Sara said...

Judy, this is really so wonderful. I would so much love to be in your position! I love to study and this would have been my dream setting!
I wish you all the best. and thank you very much for your comment in my blog!

Bonnypurr said...

Hope you have great fun doing the dyeing :>)

It was nice to meet you the other day, I know half the people in your class because they are the ones I was in class with. A great bunch, friendly and helpful and you looked like you fitted right in.

Monika said...

Judy, thank you for your comments. I would love to do CG at some point too(our girls are just 2 and 6...), so I get always excited when I reae about someone else doing the course! Your work is inspirational and I am impressed by it´s amount and diversity! I wish you all the best!!!
Monika from Inverness, Scotland

Monika said...

Ooops, I have just sent a comment and it went under "monika" name. You won´t recognize me unless I say it´s from "monattka".

MargaretR said...

Thanks for the comments Judy, the felt work is fantastic isn't it? I'm sure you are going to enjoy this course so much and I shall be following it with you all the way. It's a small word, fancy you and les meeting yesterday? we are both members of a private list.

Judy Scott said...

Monika ~ I followed a link to your blog but its not there, but I know where you are on flickr thankyou for your visit, your work is outstanding,

suzie q said...

Can't believe I've only just found this blog! I'll be following you with extreme enthusiasm & interest, Jude, and hoping for homework assignments! ;)
Hope your student days are very very happy ones! :)
Much Love, Suze xXx