Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Australia wall hanging is now finished

the Australia wall hanging is now finished and will be photographed in full in May when it hangs in the exhibition, soooooo exciting. But for now here is some of the work which bought me to the finished piece.
paper collage

paper collage

paper collage

markal paint sticks with a stencil cut from freezer paper

paper collage with words printed onto old brown envelopes

Sample Piece using
strips of fabrics ~ sheers, organza, hand dyed cottons

above is the front cover and below the back cover of the sketch book which goes with the Australia wall hanging and shows some of the techniques I used, painted bondaweb, painted vilene, layers of sheers, Stewart Gill chips, hand printed organdie, free machine embroidery using different threads all worked on hand dyed cotton fabric

close up detail


Anonymous said...

this is extraordinary, Jude. I love all the colours, and the sparkly water looks just like the real thing!
I am filled with admiration for your gorgeous stitching, especially now I know just how tricky it can be! ;)
I very much look forward to seeing the hanging in all its glory later on... I am so very glad to see how much you're enjoying this course. So inspirational! :)
Big Hugs (((x)))
Suze xXx

Julie said...

So much work here Judy and it's beautiful! I love the different textures and the colours you have used.

molly jean said...

Judy! I love to see your work. I like seeing the process. I do those mind map things sometimes too. What fun you are having! I love it all!

Boxoftrix said...

Hi Judy, These great samples you have pictured here, can't wait to see the final piece in full glory :)

I love the idea that you have covered the sketchbook with some sample work too, it will allow the reader/viewer some tactile hands on experience! Yx

marydoll said...

Judy, I came onto your site to buy something as a memento, your art is so beautiful, what can I buy?