Friday, November 2, 2007


The next part of our course is Line, we had (I had) a brilliant time drawing with charcoal, ink and kebab skewers (Im now hooked on ink and skewer drawing!!!!!!) charcoal on a very long bamboo stick, all kinds of pens and pencils and drawing without looking at the page!!!! BRILLIANT

charcoal and ink

ink using pen and kebab stick!

Ive also turned my designs into stitch which is just like doodling with the machine ~ love it too.

design in stitch

Ive far too many to show you but these are afew of what I've been doing!

small designs in ink

ink pen and kebab stick!!

strips and strata cut into three and moved!


suzie q said...

bottom picture must surely become a quilt, Jude! ;) I'm so excited to see all your news. Off to catch up now - I may be some time!
So glad too see such fun, sweetheart. Have a lovely build-up... ;0
Big Hugs, Loads of Love xXx Q xXx

molly jean said...

I am impressed! I guess I need to try drawing with a skewer! I can see these would make wonderful textile pieces.