Friday, November 2, 2007

mono printing

I now have another technique that I love!!! This week we mono printed ~ never ever done this before but it was brilliant, we used special ink and rollered it onto a smooth surface usually glass, we used laminated sheets which worked just as good as glass. Then we used tissue, newprint and cartridge paper ~ we used lots of texture too ~ from our tutors amazing box of goodies and made lots of papers. I love making papers ~ it must go back to childhood ~ I was always drawing and crayoning! We always had new crayons and paper at Christmas time. Anyway Im going off here ~ here are some collages I made with my papers

I also did some mono printing on fabric using acrylic paint and manutex this takes a little practise!!!

Also been doing more ink to stitch designs

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molly jean said...

I am very inspired by these black and white pages!