Friday, November 2, 2007

working at home

Ive really enjoyed the colour study we've been doing and decided to do a little more work with colour using photographs I found; one of my own and one from a photosharing site. The rainbow lorikeet is so bright and beautiful and like its name has all the colours of the rainbow in its feathers.

two of many painted pages!

I painted some papers in beautiful rainbow colours and using these I did some little design exercises.

I played around with the painted papers and made collages and painted the pages in my sketchbook to match ~ I cut some designs from my pages ~ Sandra Meech style, I love her books and she has some brilliant ideas in both to make your sketch books sing!! and worked away with the bird and feather shape

design with wing and feather shapes

wax crayon resist

strips and strata

strips and strata

front of book
wax crayon play, photo, paper weave, square in a square, strips and strata

back of book
wax crayon play, design, design, embellished wool tops, painte papers
back of book

I will definitely use these design pages in the future to make something bright and beautiful

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